Who I am

The interpreter is a professional figure who translates orally. The translation is either simultaneous or consecutive, from a foreign language to his mother tongue or a language B. Instead, the translator is the one who translates written manuals, texts, contracts and books.

My professional goal is to allow those who speak different languages ​​to communicate with each other. That’s why I decided to become an interpreter. For this reason, I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Intercultural Linguistic Mediation and a specialist degree in Conference Interpretation at the ex-SSLMIT of Forlì of the University of Bologna.

During high school, I attended a six-month cultural exchange in Canada where I studied near Toronto. The experience gave me a solid foundation on which to improve my knowledge and pronunciation of the English language. During university, I lived in Moscow for a year and studied at Moscow State University, where I improved my level of Russian, both written and oral.